Need a Crown? We Look at Their Long-Term Function, Retention, and Usefulness

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Do you have a decayed, damaged, or weak tooth? Weak teeth can be painful, but they might also make it hard to chew and talk comfortably. Instead of delaying dental work, it’s time to learn more about dental crowns.

Decay and damage are common, but they don’t have to interfere with your oral health. Crowns are a common restorative dental procedure aimed at protecting your tooth and restoring your mouth function.

When you need a dental crown, trust Norman Coates, DMD, and our team at Dentistry Optimized in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. We choose the best materials to give you a long-lasting crown, helping you retain your natural tooth and restore proper mouth function. Learn more by requesting an appointment online or by calling us today.

A crown offers long-term function

Dental crowns are meant to last. They’re made from strong materials that help prevent additional deterioration, and they don’t need to be replaced after a certain amount of time.

Dr. Coates may recommend a dental crown as part of a larger dental restoration procedure. If you need a dental bridge or other restorative procedure, crowns can increase function and improve your smile.

Tooth-colored crowns, typically made from ceramic or resin composite, are a popular choice at Dentistry Optimized because they blend with natural teeth. Other options include crowns made from metal alloys.

A crown restores a tooth’s strength

Teeth that suffer significant decay or damage often become weak. They’re more likely to chip and crack, becoming even more decayed over time. A weak tooth that’s left untreated may need to be removed eventually.

A crown protects a weakened or broken tooth. If you get a crown, the chances that you’ll need a tooth extraction are minimized. One of our biggest goals at Dentistry Optimized is helping you retain your natural teeth. Your crown completely covers your tooth from the gum line up, which protects it and restores its strength.

A crown helps your mouth work normally

By protecting and strengthening a tooth, your crown helps restore normal mouth function. Your teeth work with your gums and jaw to help you speak clearly and chew food well. If one or more teeth are weak or damaged, your other teeth have to compensate.

Damaged teeth can compromise the health of other teeth, causing a domino effect and leading to other oral health issues. When you get a crown, it’s easier to use your mouth. Crowns give you a natural chewing sensation and help you speak, and they’re designed to fit perfectly inside your mouth.

Dr. Coates and our team offer completely customized crown-fitting procedures to give you a functional and useful crown. When you’re facing decay or damage, know that a dental crown can restore your tooth’s strength and its aesthetic look.

Don’t settle for tooth pain if you need a crown. Call our office today or request an appointment through our online system for fast and effective dental crown treatment.